How to use SamKey TMO Unlock N950U Bit2 T-Mobile without App Unlock, No Root, Keep orignal IMEI after unlocked, Unlock T-Moble Galaxy Note8: N950USQU2BQJAN950USQS2BQK2, N950USQU2BQJB, N950USQU2BQLA

Unlock Samsung Note 8 N950U Bit2 by SamKey TMO:

Follow this guide to Unlock N950U Bit2 if your phone’s firmware is: N950USQU2BQJA

  1. Flash this firmware via Odin: N950U Combination Rev2

2. Run SamKEY TMO , Make sure ‘Skip Custom Boot’ is ticked !

3. Activate USB Debugging (press Help button in SamKEY for instructions)

4. Disable PATTERN / User Password / IRIS Lock / FingerPrint

5. Connect phone to USB port (Powered ON)

6. Activate USB Diagnostic Port: *#0808# > choose “DM+MODEM+ADB” > OK

7. Press Calculate SEC
* If you see any error, or program hangs during Read Data > enable ‘Deep Calculate’ option and do from beginning
* If you see Unsupported Firmware message, You must write firmware first

Calculate SEC SamKEY TMO
Calculate SEC SamKEY TMO

6. After calculation operation finished, wait for phone to boot up (on HOME Screen)

7. Press Write SEC
* If you see any error during Write SEC on first try, enable ‘Skip Erase’ option, and try Write SEC again

8. Write latest version Stock ROM (Original Firmware Rev2) to your phone
* Make sure it is latest firmware version and must be Bit 2 !! Else you can NOT write by ODIN
Here is Stock ROM:

How to unlock Samsung Note 8 N950U Bit2 by SamKey TMO
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