SamKey TMO Unlock Samsung S9 T-Mobile
SamKey TMO Unlock Samsung S9 T-Mobile

How to Unlock Samsung S9 Plus G965U T-Mobile without App Unlock, direct unlock via USB cable, no Root, Keep orignal IMEI after unlocked. OneClick Unlock G965U T-Mobile !

Unlock Samsung S9+ G965U using SamKey TMO

1. Activate USB Debugging (press Help button in SamKEY for instructions)

2. Disable PATTERN / User Password / IRIS Lock / FingerPrint

3. Connect phone to USB port (Powered ON)

4. Activate USB Diagnostic Port: *#0808# > choose “DM+MODEM+ADB” > OK

5. Press Calculate SEC

Calculate SEC SamKEY TMO
Calculate SEC SamKEY TMO

Wating tool working, when tool show “Operation successful.” is the phone unlocked !!!

Unlocked Samsung S9 Plus G965U T-Mobile :
Loading ADB module….OK
Starting ADB module…OK
Searching for SAMSUNG ADB device…OK
Checking device authorization…OK
Reading ADB device information…
ADB Serial Number : 315043554C573398
Model Name : SM-G965U
Android Version : 8.0.0
Carrier : TMB
Device CodeName : STARQLTESQ
Board Type : SDM845
Hardware : QCOM
AP Version : G965USQU1ARBG
CP Version : G965USQU1ARBG
CSC Version : G965UOYN1ARBG
Android Version : 8.0.0
MSL Address : R28K32NQX6F
Debug Level : READY
CP Debug Level : READY
Searching for SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem…OK
SAMSUNG USB Modem detected on [COM15]
Looking for DEVICE…OK
Reading USB MODEM information…OK
IMEI : 3548250skyulock
S/N : R28K32NQX6
U/N : 988BCE315043554
Executing RIL applet…[AT:OK] …OK
Searching for device in UPLOAD MODE…[COM20] …OK
Preparing to read data…OK
Reading RAM data…OK
Security analyse result : OK
Rebooting device to NORMAL mode…OK
Sending data to SERVER…OK
Waiting for SERVER response…OK
Waiting for Reboot…OK
Unlocking phone…[AT:OK] …OK
Operation successful.

SamKEY Team (2017)

How to use SamKey TMO Unlock Samsung S9 Plus G965U T-Mobile
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