Update SamKey TMO v2.25.5 add support unlock J327T T-Mobile, unlock J327T1 MetroPCS without App Unlock, direct unlock done in 15 mins.

SamKey TMO v2.25.5 Released – What’s new ?

– Auto skip of Custom Boot Writing for Combination Firmwares
– Fixed some of ‘Loading RIL applet failed’ due to shortage of Timeout
– Added support for some unknown security patch 2017
– Added support unlock J327T (T-Mobile)
– Added support unlock J327T1 (MetroPCS)

Link Download SamKey TMO:


How to use SamKey TMO unlock SM-J327T, SM-J327T1 without App Unlock

1 ) Flash this Firmware to phone :

  • Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cj7bmck2mhee6oc/J327T_J327T1_Rev1_for_SamKEY.zip

Flash via Odin, select as AP, better to enable NAND Erase in ODIN

2 )  Wait for phone to Power ON, bypass Welcome wizard … phone must be on HOME Screen
* will take about 3~5 minutes after writing above firmware

3 ) Connect phone to USB, Authorize USB debugging if asked
* If not asked > Enable USB Debugging from Developers Option

4 ) Select Exynos series, Press Calculate SEC

5 ) Wait for operation to be done.. NO NEED to Write SEC for this model!

6 ) After UNLOCK operation finished, You must write STOCK ROM to phone…

  • Stock ROM J327T: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ck0gyn4shi7gb5j/J327TTMB1AQK6.zip
  • Stock ROM J327T1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/i317prr5c5dlleg/J327T1TMK1AQK6.rar
SamKey TMO v2.25.5 : Add Unlock J327T, J327T1 T-Mobile MetroPCS
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  1. Searching for SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem…OK
    SAMSUNG USB Modem detected on [COM19]
    Looking for DEVICE…OK
    Reading USB MODEM information…OK
    MODEL : SM-J327T
    IMEI : 3556*******1424
    S/N : R28J629M17
    U/N : CQ3007F4CD4BB54
    Loading ADB module..OK
    Starting ADB module…OK
    Searching for SAMSUNG ADB device…OK
    Checking device authorization…OK
    Reading ADB device information…
    ADB Serial Number : 42007F4CD4BB547D
    Model Name : SM-J327T
    Device CodeName : J3POPELTETMO
    Board Type : UNIVERSAL7570
    Hardware : SAMSUNGEXYNOS7570
    AP Version : J327TUVE1AQG1
    CP Version : J327TUVU1AQG1
    CSC Version : J327TTMB1AQG1
    Android Version : 7.0
    MSL Address (RIL) : R28J629M17Z
    Reading data from phone…OK
    Analysing data read from phone….OK
    Re-starting ADB module…[CS:OK]…OK
    Running exploit in RAM…OK
    Re-starting ADB module…[CS:OK]…OK
    Waiting for reboot………OK
    Checking SuperUser right…OK
    Testing SuperUser access…FAIL!

    SamKEY Team (2017)


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